Corporate members and sponsors

There are a number of personalities, institutions and companies that have helped the Czech Chemistry Society and its journals in so much as their efforts have lead to the society appearing as it does today. They have provided financial, moral and political support and it would be extremely difficult to put a price on the contributions they have made. The CCS would like to thank these valued partners at least in this way.

Among these, it is necessary to give a special mention to Dr. Alfred Bader, who not only established a wide range of scholarships for Czech chemists at the world's top universities, but set up the Alfred Bader Prize for young Czech organic and bio-organic chemists.

The companies that are worthy of a particular mention are the former company Spectra-Physics GmbH, Darmstadt, and its representatives, Mr. Kurt Iwertowsky and dr. Miroslav Procházka and J. T. Baker Chemikalien GmbH, Gross-Gerau and its director Mrs. Dietrich Brügel who helped substantially in the development of the CCS Bulletin with their cooperation and understanding, and through whose assistance the professionalisation of the CCS media was put into effect.

Corporate members and cooperating organizations

  • Akademie věd ČR v.v.i., Praha
  • Brenntag s.r.o.
  • Cayman Pharma s.r.o., Neratovice
  • Collection of Czech Chemical Communications, Praha
  • Fakulta chemická, VUT Brno
  • Fakulta chemicko-technologická, Univerzita Pardubice
  • Fakulta jaderná a fyzikálně inženýrská ČVUT, Praha
  • Fakulta technologická Univerzity Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
  • Farmaceutická fakulta, Univerzita Karlova, Hradec Králové
  • FARMAK a.s., Olomouc
  • HERTZ, Praha
  • Lach-Ner spol. s r.o. Neratovice
  • MERCI spol. s r.o., Brno
  • Merck spol. s r.o., Praha
  • Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR
  • Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR
  • Ministerstvo životního prostředí ČR
  • Přírodovědecká fakulta Jihočeské univerzity, České Budějovice
  • Přírodovědecká fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha
  • Přírodovědecká fakulta Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc
  • Přírodovědecká fakulta, Masarykovy univerzity v Brně
  • Shimadzu GmbH, Praha
  • Sigma-Aldrich, spol. s r.o., Praha
  • Teva Czech Industries s.r.o.
  • Ústav anorganické chemie AV ČR v.v.i. Řež u Prahy
  • Ústav fyzikální chemie Jaroslava Heyrovského AV ČR v.v.i., Praha
  • Ústav chemických procesů AV ČR v.v.i., Praha
  • Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR v.v.i., Praha
  • Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AV ČR v.v.i., Praha
  • Vitrum Rožnov s.r.o.
  • Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická , Praha
  • ZENTIVA a.s., Praha
Companies, enterprises, institutions and other legal entities are offered the opportunity of, among other things, the service known as "corporate membership". This involves an agreement which may be negotiated to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of both parties. Details on request.