Green and "positive" chemistry

On this page you will find information and addresses that will help you arrive at the conclusion that chemistry can be both green and, moreover, be a beneficial and positive tool for the environment and for the people. The message that arose out of the meetings of experts from the USA and Eastern Europe in Environmental Chemistry in Pruhonice in 1999 emphasizes that the complex problems the environment is currently threatened by can and must be addressed by experts. In particular, by chemists, who are able to provide answers to these difficult questions. This is what they desire and it is their obligation. Moreover, in terms of their expertise, it is a challenge they would love to face.
This page is created to inform all who are interested and to help those responsible for chemists willing to pick up the gauntlet. In light of this, any response to a report from this page and the pages CCS will be processed in the shortest possible time. Do let us know your thoughts -

Memorandum on illicit drugs